"Bryan is the best. Both my husband and I had excellent results from his therapy and recommendations." - Rose V.

After suffering a stress fracture on my foot that prevented me from running I was referred to All Coast. From the beginning Bryan laid out a realistic, clear and personally-tailored roadmap to recovery. During the first sessions he helped me recover stability and strength of the ankle. Later on as the strengthening continued, we tested the condition of the foot and began a slow but progressive return to running. Within four weeks I was not experiencing any more pain and had regained my previous running capabilities. All Coast not only allowed me to return to my athletic activities much faster than I expected, but the care and the rehabilitation provided was carefully planned out allowing me to avoid any setbacks or future repeat injuries.
— Manny M
My Achilles feels good, beat the 6-month recovery window. Thanks to Bryan Silva and All Coast PT!
— Michael A.
Facing invasive surgery for the painful labral tear in my hip, a friend suggested working with Bryan at All Coast to see if the injury could be helped through physical therapy. In the first week, Bryan realigned my pelvis and spine, began to strengthen weak muscles around the hip and loosen a soft mass blocking my femur from sliding into the socket- all impacting my pain level, but never realized! Within two weeks of All Coast therapy, my mobility skyrocketed and my pain level dropped; an incredible gift, as I am a regular yoga practitioner. Our goal now is to strengthen the muscles to support the tear, and ideally avoid surgery at all! I am incredibly impressed with Bryan and All Coast.
— Heather B.